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    Computer Security and Personal Privacy

    Effective computer security provides protection of the confidentiality and integrity of the data under your control and assures coninued availability and control over the computer resources (printers, networks, and the computer itself) so that you can use it and unaurthoized users cannot.

    As compared to security, privacy provides assurances regarding the collection, dissemination, sharing, correctness, use, and destructon of information about you, but which might not on the systems you control. This data might be stored in credit bureaus, in government or university computers, in systems controlled by the merchant's with whom you do business, utilities, at your internet service provider, or even in third party databases run by marketing organizations.

    Security and privacy are closely related, primarily because breaches of privacy often result when there is a breach of security on a system that stores personally identifiable information about you, wether that system is under your control, or that of someone else.

    Not all data collection is bad, and often the same tools that can lead to breaches in privacy can be used to protect yourself as well. This site will try to explain many of the issues regarding security and privacy. It will provide your with information to help you protect your privacy and also the security of the computer systems that are under your control. Among the topics to be covered are: